National Bank Notes

National bank notes were United States Currency issued by National Banks and chartered by the U.S. Government. These notes were backed by U.S. bonds that the individual banks deposited with the United States Treasury. They were printed from the Original Charter Period, 1865, through small size Nationals issued in 1929.

  • State

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
1801-1$10New Jersey19295712Point Pleasant Beach Fine$825
New Jersey 1801-1 Point Pleasant Beach  $10 nationals

A desirable “Seashore” note from Ocean County.  A nicely centered and problem free Fine.  There are only 14 large and […]

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601$5New Jersey190210036Port NorrisVF$1675
New Jersey 601 Port Norris $5 nationals

A tough bank in Cumberland County, New Jersey.  There are only 9 large and 6 small size notes recorded in […]

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1801-1$10New Jersey19294872PrincetonVF$225
New Jersey 1801-1 Princeton $10 nationals

Margins all around on this evenly circulated offering from this Mercer County bank.  Margins all around.

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384$1New Jersey18751327TrentonFine$1485
New Jersey 384 Trenton $1 nationals

Although there are 137 large size notes on this first title, there are only three $1 1865 and three $1 […]

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608$5New Jersey190212064West New YorkVF$575
New Jersey 608 West New York $5 nationals

A problem free example from this Hudson County bank with only 15 large and 18 small size notes recorded.  Margins […]

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1802-1$20New Mexico19292614AlbuquerqueVF$325
New Mexico 1802-1 Albuquerque $20 nationals

An evenly circulated Very Fine from New Mexico with broad, balanced margins all around.

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646$20New Mexico1902DB6777RoswellFine/VF$1450
New Mexico 646 Roswell $20 nationals

A desirable bank from New Mexico with only 13 large size notes recorded.  A problem free 1902 Dateback with lightly […]

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1801-2$10New York1929II2225BrewstersAU$995
New York 1801-2 Brewsters $10 nationals

A very bright and well centered Type 2 from this Putnam County location with only 13 large and 13 small […]

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626$10New York19028301HorseheadsPMG 10$775
New York 626 Horseheads $10 nationals

A tough and desirable bank from Chemung County with only eight large size and 28 small size notes recorded by […]

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384$1New York18751389New YorkCH VF$1985
New York 384 New York $1 nationals

A bright and beautifully inked Ace from New York.  This example is well centered with bold red numbers and vivid, […]

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1802-1$20New York192913336New YorkVF$205
New York 1802-1 New York $20 nationals

An evenly circulated VF from this small size only bank in New York County with only 38 small size notes […]

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477$5New York1880BB5360SkaneatelesXF$2350
New York 477 Skaneateles $5 nationals

A gorgeous and broadly margined Brownback from this Onondaga County bank with only 29 large and 23 small size notes […]

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484$10Ohio1882VB2495CincinnatiCH XF$1785
Ohio 484 Cincinnati $10 nationals

A desirable 1882 Value back from this Hamilton County bank.  Very bright with bold inks on front and back, balanced […]

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484$10Ohio1882VB2495CincinnatiCH XF$1785
Ohio 484 Cincinnati $10 nationals

A lovely Choice XF 1882 Valueback from this Ohio bank.  Bold signatures, balanced margins and deep blue seal and numbers […]

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434$20Ohio18752524CincinnatiPMG 25$3900
Ohio 434 Cincinnati $20 nationals

A pleasing $20 First Charter note from this ethnic titled bank in Hamilton County Ohio.  This problem free example has […]

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616$10Ohio1902786ClevelandCH VF$395
Ohio 616 Cleveland $10 nationals

Evenly circulated and problem free example with balanced margins all around.  Deeply stamped signatures of the bank’s officers.

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624$10Ohio1902DB3202Cleveland CH VF$385
Ohio 624 Cleveland  $10 nationals

A well-centered Dateback from this large size only bank with 52 notes recorded in the Track & Price census.  Bright […]

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627$10Ohio19024318Cleveland VF$265
Ohio 627 Cleveland  $10 nationals

Evenly circulated example from this Cleveland bank with margins all around.  Bold stamped signatures of the bank’s officers.

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419$10Ohio18752516DefianceCH VF$2850
Ohio 419 Defiance $10 nationals

A desirable type note from this Defiance County location.  While there are 35 large and 9 small size notes recorded, […]

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Ohio 624 Newark $10 nationals

A pleasing offering from this “large size only” bank in Licking  County, Ohio and one of only 54 notes recorded,  […]

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1802-2$20Ohio1929II2350YoungstownCH VF$185
Ohio 1802-2 Youngstown $20 nationals
1801-2$10Oregon1929II9358NewbergCH VF$765
Oregon 1801-2 Newberg $10 nationals

A “forbidden bank title” from this tough bank in Yamkill County with only seven large and 24 small size notes […]

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Oregon 609 Portland $5 nationals

An evenly circulated and problem free note from a desirable State.  Margins all around, bold signatures of the bank’s officers […]

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627$10Pennsylvania19029905ArdmorePMG 30 $2850
Pennsylvania 627 Ardmore $10 nationals

An evenly circulated example from this Montgomery County location with ONLY eight total notes recorded.  A bright and pleasing Plainback […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-2 Ashland $10 nationals

A problem free note from Schuylkill County.

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Pennsylvania 1802-2 Bellwood $20 nationals

A pleasing Extra Fine example from this Blair County bank with only 7 Large and 19 Small size recorded. A […]

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Pennsylvania 626 Berwyn $10 nationals

A tough note from this Chester County bank. There are only 10 large size examples recorded on this bank. This […]

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626$10Pennsylvania19023945BerwynCH VF$875
Pennsylvania 626 Berwyn $10 nationals

A desirable and widely collected bank in Chester County, this is one of only 14 large and 22 small size […]

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1801-1$10Pennsylvania19293945BerwynPCGS 30PPQ$545
Pennsylvania 1801-1 Berwyn $10 nationals

Evenly circulated and problem free note from this tough Chester County bank.  Track & Price census reports only 14 large […]

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Pennsylvania 1801-1 Birdsboro $10 nationals

A popular and widely collected bank note from Berks County.  A tougher example with only 16 large and 20 small […]

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