National Bank Notes

National bank notes were United States Currency issued by National Banks and chartered by the U.S. Government. These notes were backed by U.S. bonds that the individual banks deposited with the United States Treasury. They were printed from the Original Charter Period, 1865, through small size Nationals issued in 1929.

  • State

Fr No.DenomStateDate/TypeCharter NumberTownGradePrice
Indiana 467 Aurora $5 nationals

A problem free Brownback from Dearborn County, Indiana with faded, but legible, signatures of the bank’s officers.  Margins all around, […]

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382$1Indiana18652057LebanonCH AU $2850
Indiana 382 Lebanon $1 nationals

A bright and well centered $1 Original Charter from this Boone County, IN bank.  Balanced margins all around, as well […]

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Indiana 1804-1 Washington $100 nationals

This nicely centered high denomination is one of only six $100 1929’s recorded by Track & Price.  Evenly circulated with […]

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627$10Iowa19021757Sioux CityXF$585
Iowa 627 Sioux City $10 nationals

A very bright and vividly inked note from this Woodbury County, Iowa bank.  Balanced margins all around, as well as […]

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Kentucky 1802-1 Ashland $20 nationals

A well centered example from this popular State.

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537$5Kentucky1882DB5312LouisvillePMG 45$1475
Kentucky 537 Louisville $5 nationals

This incredibly bright and vividly inked 1882 Dateback has all the eye appeal of a Gem.  Deep blue seals and […]

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Kentucky 704 Mayfield $100 nationals

A evenly circulated $100 1902 from this Graves County bank with 9 large and zero small size recorded.  This is […]

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626$10Maryland19023933Bel AirFine$465
Maryland 626 Bel Air $10 nationals

An evenly circulated and problem free note from this Harford County location and one of only 21 large and 20 […]

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390$1Massachusetts1875625BostonPMG 10NET$525
Massachusetts 390 Boston $1 nationals

A desirable example and the only $1 1875 recorded on this Suffolk County bank with 25 large size notes listed […]

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474$5Massachusetts1882BB643BostonCH VF$895
Massachusetts 474 Boston $5 nationals

A pleasing Brownback with balanced margins, vivid inks and bold penned signatures of the bank’s officers.  One of 30 examples […]

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1800-1$5Massachusetts19291144Shelburne FallsVF$265
Massachusetts 1800-1 Shelburne Falls $5 nationals

Evenly circulated with  margins all around.

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1800-2$5Massachusetts1929II1144Shelburne FallsCH VF$350
Massachusetts 1800-2 Shelburne Falls $5 nationals

A very bright Type 2 with broad margins and pleasing colors.

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Minnesota 635 Duluth $10 nationals

A problem free example from this tougher Duluth bank with only 13 large and 33 small size notes recorded.  Pleasing […]

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627$10Minnesota19024617Elbow LakeCH VF$1585
Minnesota 627 Elbow Lake $10 nationals

A well centered and boldly inked Choice VF from a desirable state.  Bright with balanced margins, clear signature of Cashier, […]

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1800-2$5Minnesota1929II11668FairbaultCH VF$485
Minnesota 1800-2 Fairbault $5 nationals

A bright Choice VF from Rice County.  This is one of only 26 small and 17 large size notes recorded […]

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Minnesota 628 Fairbault $10 nationals

A tougher example from Rice County and one of only 20 large size notes recorded in the Track & Price […]

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619$10Minnesota1902DB9596StarbuckCH VF$725
Minnesota 619 Starbuck $10 nationals

A bright and well inked example from Pope County.  This 1902 Dateback is nicely centered with clear signatures of Bergerson, […]

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Montana 706 Butte $100 nationals

A highly collectible denomination from a desirable State.  While there are 37 large and 49 small size recorded, this is […]

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Nebraska 1801-1 Columbus $10 nationals

Evenly circulated note from Platte County.  Three balanced margins, top margin slants down on right side.

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Nebraska 1801-1 Holdrege $10 nationals

A circulated example from this Phelps County bank and one of only 16 large size and 36 small size notes […]

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Nebraska 1802-1 Stanton $20 nationals

An evenly circulated and problem free note from Stanton County with only 19 large and 36 small size notes recorded.  […]

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606$5New Jersey190211368BergenfieldFine$875
New Jersey 606 Bergenfield $5 nationals

One of only five large size and eight small size examples recorded on this second title example.  This FINE note […]

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624$10New Jersey19021209Camden VF$425
New Jersey 624 Camden  $10 nationals

A bright example from the  First Title issued by this bank and one of 26 Large ONLY  recorded.  Bright and […]

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1802-1$20New Jersey19297983CollingswoodVF$175
New Jersey 1802-1 Collingswood $20 nationals

Evenly circulated VF from this Camden County location. One of only 18 large and 50 small recorded in Track and […]

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599$5New Jersey19027983CollingswoodFine$425
New Jersey 599 Collingswood $5 nationals

A tougher Camden County bank with only 17 large and 49 small size notes recorded.  Well  centered with bold signature […]

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624$10New Jersey19026707ElmerVF$585
New Jersey 624 Elmer $10 nationals

This is new to the census of only 20 large size notes recorded on this popular Salem County bank.  Evenly […]

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1801-1$10New Jersey1929892FlemingtonFine$145
New Jersey 1801-1 Flemington $10 nationals

Problem free Fine from Hunterdon County.

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1801-1$10New Jersey19297981IrvingtonVF$395
New Jersey 1801-1 Irvington $10 nationals

This is one of only 26 large and 25 small size notes on this Essex County bank.  An evenly circulated, […]

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1802-1$20New Jersey192912255Jersey CityPMG 15$165
New Jersey 1802-1 Jersey City $20 nationals

A Choice Fine on this second title bank note from Hudson County with broad margins all around.

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1802-1$20New Jersey19295208MillvilleVF$225
New Jersey 1802-1 Millville $20 nationals

A problem free note from Cumberland County with only 35 large and 20 small size notes recorded on this first […]

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